Tuesday, August 27, 2013


What is a sexy?  Is it in the clothing a woman wears?  Is it how she carries herself?  Is it the way she talks or moves or stands out in a crowd?  Is it an innate trait she possess from an early age?  Is it a power that can be learned or is it bestowed on only a chosen few?

First, we must define sexy.

Sexy:  sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality. Excitingly appealing.

Radiating sexuality - that is what I believe true "sexy" is.  I do not believe that just any woman can put on a "sexy" outfit and it will immediately make her sexy.  It might make her appealing or exciting, but it can not make her radiate sexuality.  It can radiate that she wants sex, but it can not radiate her sexuality - that is something inside certain women that she possesses - a gift that exudes from her naturally.  I believe that true "sexy" is innate (a state of mind, a way of being) in individuals, and not something that can be taught or learned or exhibited simply by slipping on a pair of sexy heels, a short skirt and a low-cut blouse.  I do believe, however, that many, many women can radiate sexuality through print photography.  Even though these women might not truly radiate sexuality, in person, they are able to portray it through photos - through seductive eyes or an enticing tilt of the head or sensual position of her body.  The same goes with art.  Sexy can definitely radiate from some/many beautiful works of art.  And, I do believe that women that do not truly radiate sexuality, can and do learn how to use their eyes and bodies and posture and voices to emulate sexy.  But ... in the world, in our everyday lives, the women we meet are either innately sexy or they are not.  That is my belief.

I have sat in a crowded room many times and observed the women there - at a party, in a bar, on a dance floor.  I have watched and searched for the few that posses this gift - this trait that they were born with - this trait that exudes from them even when some are unaware or even shielding it.   Some of these women are very aware they posses this power, but many are not - they just are, and some don't have a clue what to do with it or how to harness and use it to their advantage.  Some are uncomfortable with the gift and spend much of their time trying to hide it, as people are drawn to them and they do not know why.  Some have learned what a gift it is and have learned how to use it to draw people to them.  And ... those that know it, and know it well, know how to use it - not always in a sexual way - but to draw men and women, alike, to them.  They know this to be one of their strengths and they allow people to be drawn to them through this power.

Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of sexy.  She lived it and breathed it - she was sexy in every sense of the word and the world was drawn to her.  Pamela Anderson has sex appeal, but she is not, in my opinion, innately sexy - she emulates sexy - there is a big difference.  Men will often tell a woman she is sexy, but there are only a chosen few that truly are.  The rest are merely wannabes ...

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