Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Harper Valley Mermaid

I have often joked that I only ever wear a bra when I go to a school function, such as a PTA Board meeting (which I have sat on many PTA Boards over the last 10 years - believe it or not), or a football game (sometimes I leave the bra at home for these - if it's hot - haha), or Orientation Day at the Elementary School.

I heard in the last several months, somewhere, that it does a woman's breasts more benefit if she does not wear a bra, as it strengthens the breast muscles, leading to less sagging over time.  Well ... I am glad to hear this!  Mine should be really strong by now.

Sometimes, I am going somewhere and one of my kids will notice I am not wearing a bra, and say so.  I always shrug, because, of course, I know this - and it is my way of telling them that this choice I make is MY choice and I will not allow anyone to take it away from me - not even them.  I know that there are people that hate this - that there are people that obsess over the fact that I seldom wear a bra.  I don't care.  I am not living my life to please everybody - and those I do choose to please, take me as I am and tolerate the things about me they do not find "conservative" enough.  Those that do not, do not stay around for very long.

One of my daughter's posted this drawing on her Facebook of this beautiful mermaid (she's considering for a future tattoo).  I made a comment that I thought the mermaid would look pretty with her head thrown back, her face to the sky and her breasts showing more.  One of my daughter's friends (a mutual friend of mine, also) followed my comment with, "Kellan, you think everyone should show their breasts more."   I guess it's true - haha.  I think a woman's breasts are beautiful and so much a part of what makes women sensual and appealing - not just to men, but to the world.  

And, as far as mermaids go ... they never wear a bra and always have beautiful breasts - I think we should see them.  I could be wrong about this.  I don't think so ... :)

For the record ... I'm pretty sure I was a mermaid in a previous life.  It would totally explain my love of water and ... no bra :)


  1. Oh Honey, if I didn't wear a bra EVERY ONE would see them...peeking out from the bottom of my shirt!!!! HAHAHAHAHA