Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lose the Pants

I was twenty-two years old.  Even though we were going out that November night to a Country & Western dance hall, my girlfriend said, "Tonight we wear dresses.  All the other girls will be in jeans - so we wear dresses."

She was so smart.  It was on that night - 30 years ago this November - that I met my husband - and that teal colored dress had a lot to do with our meeting.

People often comment that I always wear dresses or skirts - not just out dancing, but almost every day; a sundress, a jean skirt, a long skirt, a short skirt, a maxi dress.  It's true - I seldom wear pants or jeans or shorts.  Sometimes I think my love affair with dresses started that night I met my husband. 

I'm going to tell you what I think about a woman in a dress or a skirt.  I think she is more feminine, that is what I think.  I think she stands out.  I think she is able to freely express her femininity without even truly trying.  I think that a woman can be so beautiful in pants or shorts or jeans and a pretty top, but ... nothing makes a woman more appealing, in my opinion, than seeing her pretty bare legs or a flowing, long skirt to compliment the rest of her female attributes.  A pair of sleek pants with a gorgeous pair of heels and beautiful blouse, can be very sexy.  But ... a pretty short skirt that shows off smooth, long legs in a beautiful pair of high heels is ULTRA feminine and cRaZy sexy!

I think men like to see a woman in a tight pair of jeans or a pair of short shorts.  Men like women in any sort of clothing - or none at all - haha.  But ... I believe men love to see a woman look like a woman, and there is really nothing that makes a woman look more like a woman than a skirt or a dress. (And garters.  But that's another post - tee hee).  Okay ... and there is really nothing that appeals more to a man than a woman wearing ... NO pants (you're welcome for that visual).

Should women dress to appeal to men?  Um ... absolutely!  

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