Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lady Maintenance

I spend a fair amount of time on ... lady maintenance.  Nails.  Toes.  Hair.  Skin. Waxing, shaving, plucking, primping, exfoliating, spraying, curling, straightening, polishing, softening, conditioning ... it's sort of exhausting, at times, but well worth the effort to me. 

Why do I spend time doing all of these tedious, time consuming beauty procedures - day after day, week after week, year after year - aside from the fact that I certainly inherited the "primping" gene from my mother and her 4 sisters and my grandmother?  Well ... I do it because it makes me feel good, first and foremost.  It makes me feel good about how I look and feel about myself, and it makes me feel good about how people perceive me.

Now ... all that said, I heard something recently.  It has to do with the appearance and maintenance of a particular area of the female body.  I heard that ... hair is coming back "in style".  Yes, hair - down there ----->

I was at a girlfriend's garage sale not long ago where I came across a box of old Playboy magazines a friend of hers had brought over to sell.  I picked one up and flipped it open.   The first thing that caught my eye was all the girls had an abundance of hair ... down there ------>.  It seemed so odd to me, as it seems to me that it has been many years that so many women have been seriously grooming and eliminating that hair, and it just seemed odd to see ALL the girls so "natural".

There are so many trends that come about - in fashion and such - that sometimes take me months to accept (if ever), and this is one of those Hollywood-inspired trends I am not likely going to accept anytime soon - if it, in fact, becomes the new thing.

Nope - I will still be mowing my lawn, regardless of what the rest of the girls do with theirs :)  

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