Friday, January 10, 2014

It Actually is Rocket Science, Apparently

I went to lunch the other day with some of my girlfriends.  We got to talking about sex.  We talked about the female body in pretty intricate detail.  We talked about men's bodies.  We talked about masturbation and orgasms.  I was telling my friends about another of my girlfriends that never masturbates and also how she is one of those women that orgasms easily and has one orgasm after another during sex.  They were all astonished and freely admitted that their orgasms do not come so easily, normally, and asked me why I thought she was able to do that.  I said, "Because she's one of those women that could really care less about sex and so this is why she gets to have the easy orgasms, because that's FAIR!"  I might have screamed the last part of this sentence.

There was a point in our discussion when we were talking about how the four of us all truly enjoyed sex. Women, so similar to our mother's generation in some ways, and so different in other such important ways.  Not that our mother's did not enjoy sex, but they sure as hell didn't sit around talking about it over margaritas at a local restaurant - and, I would venture to say, that many, many women of our  mother's generation did NOT necessarily enjoy sex.   I was proud of all of us, of my little group of women friends.  I think it is very important for women to not only enjoy sex, but to feel empowered when it comes to sex - and to TALK about it often so we learn and help each other and get over this silliness that sex is anything but amazing and beautiful and fun as hell!

This was about the point when I then told my friends that I had seriously thought about sitting my sixteen-year-old son down and talking to him about the female body and how to REALLY please a woman.  Well, you should have seen the shock on my friend's faces - hahaha!  I guess maybe I was overly "proud" of my forward-thinking, 21st Century girlfriends about a moment too soon, because they could not wrap their minds around this idea that I had suggested in all seriousness.  I told them, "Imagine how grateful and thankful and excited and indebted to me any girl who dates him would be if I took time to sit down and tell him how to REALLY please a woman in bed!"  They just sat there and stared at me.  I then said, "This is partly why men don't have a clue how to please women, because they have never been accurately or thoroughly taught - they depend on porn and tales from their equally clueless friends to get them by - and sex for them is great, but for their women it is just okay.  Sex should not just be okay and it would be so much better for women to not have to spend years teaching her man how to please her - if she even does that, because so many women, even of our generation and of your children's, are not comfortable to discuss it and many probably don't even know how to teach a man to please them."  I then suggested I might need to expand this "teaching of young men how to please a women in bed" thing, to beyond my son and start a whole damn school - hahaha - a place where families can send their sons for sex education - a week long course for like $1000.  Surely it would be worth $1000.  Surely!!

Well ... this is about where my girlfriends and I stopped talking about sex.  I don't think it was because I freaked them out, I like to think it was because they were pondering my ideas - haha!  But I am not running out right away to lease space for my new SEX ED School For Boys, but I am secretly considered what the name will be when I do ... :)

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