Thursday, October 24, 2013

Off With the On

It was aqua blue and white polka dot, really low cut and sexy at the cleavage, tiny straps, cut short at the thighs, silky and very feminine.  I wore it to bed, this really pretty night dress.  When I crawled under the covers I felt so sexy, so beautiful - simply because I wore it - simply because it was the most beautiful shade of blue - simply because the silk slid sensually against my skin and reminded me of the woman that I am.

I slid into bed, but not before I purposely stood in the light of the lamp on my bedside table; posing, sorta - imagining that the light created a silhouette of my body somewhere beneath all that silky, polka dot satin.  

I said to my husband, "Do you like it?  Do you like my nightie?"

He sorta yawned, glanced over and said, "I like it.  But I like what's under it even more."

So ... I took it off.

Moral of this story ... Men don't care as much about silk as they do about satisfaction.

It's okay.  I am still going to wear all of my silk and lace and satin.  It makes me feel and look feminine.  And ... I know ... A woman that is desirable clothed will eventually become unclothed ... :)

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